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Designing the Perfect Sunroom - and Eight Ways to Outfit It

Designing the Perfect Sunroom - and Eight Ways to Outfit It

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Create your own private oasis, away from home, in your own backyard. A sunroom, also called a solarium, is similar to a gazebo, but instead of being open, it is an enclosed structure with walls and windows to allow in natural light while providing shelter from the elements. It can be a peaceful sanctuary for work or reading or yoga, or a cozy seating area for quiet conversation. It can provide the needed space to gather all your loved ones for an evening of dining and relaxation or it can be used as the perfect shelter for your hot tub.


Sunrooms are usually built for spending your leisure time on sunny days. However, if you set up your backyard sunroom the right way, it can be perfect on rainy days as well!  This charming and beautiful addition to your outdoor living space will shelter you from the elements for years to come while adding value to your property.


There are two types of sunrooms: free-standing sunrooms and patio enclosures.


Free-Standing Sunrooms

Let’s start with the free-standing sunrooms.  Here are some of the best modern sunrooms that can be easily integrated into your backyard, making it look like it has come straight out of a magazine!


The Four-season Bolata Solarium is an elegantly-designed sunroom that works well for all kinds of weather and integrates with any home design and outdoor environment. It features a stylish galvanized steel double roof for air circulation and wind and smoke escapement, as well as two sliding double doors.


Furthermore, each wall panel is equipped with netting and mica plastic windows.  Enjoy as an outdoor extension to your living room or dining room in any weather!


Check out this wonderful outdoor sunroom, which is a perfect blend of luxury and aesthetic appeal with high comfort. It offers an enjoyable year-round outlet for spending your reading or entertainment time with the backyard’s unobscured view. 

Palram - Canopia | Ledro Gazebo 10 x 10 Gray/Bronze with Optional Screen Doors

Palram - Canopia | Ledro Gazebo 10 x 10 Gray/Bronze with Optional Screen Doors

$5,649.80 $6,999.99

Embrace the outdoors from the comfort of indoors with the Ledro gazebo. This wonderful outdoor living space is designed to be enjoyed year-round; allowing you to spend more time relaxing, reading a good book, enjoying your spa, entertaining or simply… Read More

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Its bronze polycarbonate roof panels also provide an ideal solution for blocking 100% of the UV rays, and the double-wide sliding door makes way for easy airflow.  And like gazebos, you can add a ceiling fan or even an elegant chandelier.


This gray-shaded solarium is the perfect addition to any backyard that needs a fancy weather-resistant structure where you can spend your leisure time. It is also an excellent way to organize small barbeque nights and parties.


The sunroom is fixed with a polycarbonate roof and translucent tint that deflects the harmful UV rays. There are also some fixed hooks inside the room to feature the light fixtures of your liking.

Sojag Charleston 4-Season Sunroom Kit Dark Gray with Steel Roof

Sojag Charleston 4-Season Sunroom Kit Dark Gray with Steel Roof

$3,469.80 $4,099.00

Transform your backyard with the addition of the Charleston Solarium. This extension to your home will provide the needed space to gather all your loved ones for an evening of dining and relaxation or it can be used as the… Read More

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Patio Enclosures 

Patio enclosures are similar – enclosed, but instead of being free-standing, they are placed on your patio against your house. 


This sophisticated white-washed patio enclosure can be a delicately striking addition to your backyard, especially if it has an outdoor pool that will reflect beautifully with the sunroom’s crystal-clear acrylic wall panels. Additionally, it also has a built-in gutter system with adjustable heads for your convenience.

Palram - Canopia | SanRemo 13' x 14' Patio Enclosure - White with Optional Screen Doors

Palram - Canopia | SanRemo 13' x 14' Patio Enclosure - White with Optional Screen Doors

$8,939.80 $10,999.99

The SanRemo Patio Enclosure is a sophisticated home addition bringing you affordable and maintenance-free space for relaxation. Featuring high impact crystal-clear acrylic wall panels and Palram - Canopia’s virtually unbreakable polycarbonate roof system, you have a pristine view outside of… Read More

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Now that you know the best type of sunroom that can be easily integrated into your backyard, let’s figure out how to decorate them with the perfect accessories.

8 Ways to Outfit Your Sunroom

Think about the purpose of your sunroom's indoor space; will it be a cozy private sanctuary for reading and relaxing?  A comfortable space for conversation with friends?  A game room for the kids? Or an elegant entertaining space for dinner parties and gatherings?  The planned usage will determine how you finish it out.  Here are a few sunroom ideas and key points to remember while you are planning your sunroom’s decor.

1- Choose Comfortable Seating 

When it comes to sunrooms, several options can be considered to create a comfortable seating arrangement. Deep seating patio furniture with plush pillows, throws and occasional tables are the first things that come to mind when you think of a proper sunroom with the basic essentials.  A comfortable chair and ottoman complete with a floor lamp allows you to read into the evening.


If you anticipate entertaining, a large dining table set would be perfect.   If you don’t fancy larger gatherings but plan to enjoy intimate dinners with your spouse, then a bistro set or even a bar-height table and chairs might be ideal for casual dining in style.  It will be like eating at your own private restaurant!


These graphite-gray aluminum-framed swivel rocking chairs are the definition of comfort and style. Along with a dining set, these white-cushioned chairs will go amazingly with your sunroom arrangement under all circumstances.


2- Add a Touch of Green

A makeshift space between the indoors and outdoors is incomplete without a bit of thriving greenery. Make sure you add some green touches to your sunroom to give it a homey yet outdoorsy feel.  Potted plants and trees are ideal, especially a graceful palm, but consider adding a hanging basket or two suspended from the ceiling.  All will thrive in the natural light.


If you love the look of greenery but don’t have a green thumb or the energy to take care of one more living thing, then silk potted plants and trees are a beautiful maintenance-free option.


Sunroom greenery

3- Set the Environmental Controls

Although most sunrooms are not built with heating or air-conditioning systems, it would be best to add environmental controls for hot days and cold nights. 


A ceiling fan can be easily added to the sunroom’s ceiling for cooling down the temperature and keeping the air flowing. Heating is more challenging, as you cannot add a fireplace or fire pit to an enclosed structure due to safety reasons.  However, when it is winter season or when the temperature drops during nighttime, there are some options.


If you love the ambiance of a cozy fire, there are faux fire pits, fireplaces and tabletop fire features on the market that don’t have a real flame or produce smoke and fumes. 


A space heater can be used to warm up the area, and a thick rug can help insulate the floor from the cold concrete underneath.


4- Enter Entertainment 

If game nights and casual after-dinner hangouts are part of your lifestyle, consider converting your sunroom to the ultimate entertainment sector. You can add several sources of interest in your backyard haven for the best friends and family experiences.


For instance, we recommend that you consider the following options:


By adding this vibrant foosball table in the sunroom, you will be enhancing its aesthetic appeal while offering your guests a perfect solution to their boredom.

GLD Fat Cat Tirade Foosball Table

GLD Fat Cat Tirade Foosball Table

$689.99 $692.50

  Durable cabinet construction from 1” thick wood featuring a mahogany finish stands up to the toughest players. Spacious playfield is fashioned from solid black thermoplastic is ¼” thick to prevent warping. Traditional block design with mahogany finish with solid… Read More

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Another great addition to your sunroom can be this billiard table. Not only will this work as an attention-grabbing focal point in the sunroom, but it is also a great way to entertain your friends when you arrange a backyard party.

GLD Fat Cat 6.5 Feet Trueshot Billiard Table

GLD Fat Cat 6.5 Feet Trueshot Billiard Table

$689.80 $772.50

  Compact design allows you to enjoy your favorite game in spaces you never thought possible. Sleek black cloth complements any room decor, from traditional to contemporary. High-quality building materials allow for lightweight play and portability without sacrificing strength. The… Read More

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This is an electronic dartboard that you can easily feature in your sunroom by hanging it in one corner. It doesn’t take any space as it attaches to the wall, making it one of the best compatible fun options to integrate into the sunroom.

GLD Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

GLD Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

$169.99 $199.99

Become a virtuoso of darts with the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard. This electronic dartboard and cabinet hybrid features a compact 13.5” target area with target tested tough segments, a large missed catch ring, and storage space for 12 darts.… Read More

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This resilient yet stylish foldable poker table can be one of the best entertainment interests in your sunroom. Additionally, the table is equipped with built-in drink holders to reduce the risk of spilling beverages during the game.

GLD Fat Cat Folding Texas Hold'Em Poker Table

GLD Fat Cat Folding Texas Hold'Em Poker Table

$489.80 $499.99

  Topped with casino-quality green tablecloth that is both resilient and stylish. Strong metal legs with reinforced structure provide a stable base and long-lasting foundation. Cushioned rail surrounds the table for a convenient wrist rest with built-in drink holders for… Read More

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5- Hang the Privacy Shades 

Making your sunrooms or patio enclosures optionally private is vital for two reasons. First, you may want to close the curtains if the room gets overheated because of the sun. Second, your backyard privacy should be in your control. You don’t always want to publicly display your life, for example, when you host family gatherings or social events.  If your sunroom doesn’t have shades, you can add a privacy screen or strategically place plants or trees to block the prying eyes of your neighbors.


6- Extra Essentials to Create Focal Points

If your sunroom or patio enclosure has sealed windows and lockable doors, there is no reason to hold back from decorating or incorporating it with extra focal points. Add an area rug to provide interest.  A small fountain would replace background noise with gentle sounds of water.  Framed pictures, mirrors, candles, vases, and books will add a personal touch to the ambiance while kicking it up a notch!


Another interesting and elegant accessory to add to your sunroom could be a string of white lights around the ceiling and even a sheer table runner with LED lights that shine and shimmer in the middle of your dining table.  Perfect for a dinner party!


7- Don’t Forget About Power

Most people decorate their sunrooms with the most exquisite furnishings. However, they forget about installing electricity or other means of powering everything. 


If you added a ceiling fan or chandelier, then you will need to have an electrician run power to the sunroom so they will work.  Don’t forget to add an outlet for electronics such as a TV, game table, lamps, space heater or a blender!


If you prefer not to have electricity added to your sunroom, you can still power things with a portable power station.  This will allow you to power a TV, charge your phone or laptop, or run a space heater as needed.


8- Check with Local Ordinances

Now that you know the essential secrets for perfecting your backyard sunroom, you can start planning yours without further ado. However, don’t forget to make sure you have checked with the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) before ordering one for your home. It comes under the HOA authority to allow the installation of sunrooms in the backyards.

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