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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Sunroom Cool in the Summer

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Sunroom Cool in the Summer

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There are few things more relaxing than sitting in an open solarium with the warmth of the sun shining in through large open windows. While your sunroom may be relaxing during the majority of the year, it can be uncomfortably hot during the hottest summer months. Fortunately, a combination of strategies to control heat and enhance ventilation will help you keep your sunroom cool so that you can enjoy it year-round.


Take Advantage of Airflow

Airflow is an easy and energy-efficient way to keep any room cool and a sunroom is no exception.  In order to keep your sunroom cool, you should first ensure that your ceiling has air vents or an exhaust fan to remove hot air from the room. If these are present, you can also install a ceiling fan or two. This will redistribute the air and make the area feel much cooler.  Finally, create continuous airflow with small floor fans in the corners of the room. Point the fans upward so that they move the hot air upward so that it will be removed through the ceiling.  The Ledro Gazebo from Palram - Canopia comes with a vented roof for greater airflow.

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Install Blinds or Shades

Yes, a sunroom is meant to be sunny and those big windows are meant to be looked through.  However, when the warmest summer days roll around, you may need to pull the blinds to keep your sunroom cool, especially if it is a south-facing room. Cover the windows during the sunniest part of the day by pulling the blinds. This will lower the amount of heat that comes through the windows and also keep the sunroom cooler. Reflective materials can help by bouncing sunlight away. You can also use light filtering or blackout curtains if it is a very sunny day or the temperatures are very high. When the hottest time of the day has passed, you can open the blinds and enjoy the beautiful view.  


Insulate or Tint the Windows

Sunrooms generally have larger than normal windows, which is great when you want a sunroom to relax in, but those windows can be a major source of additional heat if they are old or poorly insulated. If your windows are old you should upgrade to Energy Star-certified windows which will reduce the amount of excess heat coming in through the windows and the amount of cold air that escapes through the windows when cool weather rolls in.  You can also tint your sunroom windows. This will block heat from entering by limiting some of the sunlight that comes through the windows. While tinting the windows will reduce some of their clarity it will make your sunroom more comfortable.  


Hang a Fan

While you can't install a ceiling fan in the roof of most gazebo kits, there is often a hook from which to hang a light fixture or plant.  Hang this fan instead!

HESHS Allen & Roth Valdosta 20-in Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Mount Ceiling Fan

Install a Cooling System

A ductless mini-split system consists of an outdoor condenser and an indoor mounted fan unit.  The indoor fan is connected to the outdoor condenser unit through a conduit.  A ductless mini-split should be installed by a professional. These systems typically last for 10 to 30 years, especially when you service them properly. Ductless mini-splits are very energy-efficient and will quickly cool your sunroom.  Increased energy efficiency will also add to your home’s value when you and if you choose to sell your home.  

A simpler option would be something easy to install and move. Try this portable air conditioner from IceCove

Plant Strategically

Use trees, shrubs, or vines strategically around the sunroom to provide natural shade. Deciduous trees are excellent choices, as they offer shade in the summer but allow sunlight in during the winter when their leaves fall.

Use During Cooler Hours

Plan activities in the sunroom during the cooler parts of the day, such as mornings and evenings, to avoid peak temperatures.

Summary: Keeping Your Sunroom Cool

Using a combination of the above suggestions will reduce the amount of sunlight that streams through the windows and in turn reduce the temperature to keep your sunroom cool. As a year-round usable room, your sunroom can be added as additional square footage to your home.  It can also serve as a unique addition to your home that buyers can specifically request when they search for a home. With lower temperatures, you will be able to enjoy your sunroom on even the hottest of summer days.   

Andrea Keeney

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