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How to Prep Your Home for Summer Entertainment

By Monica Soberman July 01, 2021 0 comments

Vacations have been planned, the kids are out of school and the weather is getting warmer. You may be prepared to take on this summer by storm, but is your house? Well, we want to make sure that it is. That’s why we reached out to the experts in pre-season prep and maintenance from Toronto to Sacramento to teach you how you can get your home ready to take on the summer.

Bring new life to your deck

Patio wood decks are great for entertaining your guests this summer as a deck is an outdoor extension of your home.  To get your deck looking its best, a little simple cleaning with a power washer set on a low setting works wonders.  You will want to start the cleaning from the house and work towards the outer deck.  While pressure washing, walk the entire length of the deck using a sweeping motion along the grain of the wood while holding the nozzle about 10" above the deck.  Good luck and happy entertaining! - Cardinal Buildings

If your deck posts are buried into a pier or the dirt, have someone come out and extend the piers and put the post on top of a post base. This will allow your deck to last longer structurally. Make sure to treat all wood on your deck every 1-2 years. - Esher Construction

Make it comfy

It's all about comfort. The sun is our biggest ally in the summer but when it comes to dining outside, the last thing you want is for your guests to be blinded by the sun's rays. If you've installed an outdoor kitchen/dining area, it deserves a top-quality shading solution. (Plus you can use the space all year round!) - Outashade

Treat your pergola to a wash

To get your pergola looking great for Summer, start by giving it a wash down with some soap and warm water. Give the area a good sweep to clear away the debris. And let's not forget the cornerstone of Australian outdoor living: the barbie. Give her a good grease down and you'll be ready to go! - Urban Exteriors

Choose versatile patio furniture 

When it comes to prepping your outdoor space for entertaining, the type of furniture you choose is going to play a big role. The first question you want to ask to get started is what type of entertaining will you be doing? Are they casual, small get-togethers? Or maybe they are more formal dinner parties? Perhaps you need versatility with lots of seating options. At DOT, we have hundreds of options to suit virtually any type of setting. One of our top recommendations for entertaining is furniture that is modular or is multi-functional. Modular furniture can be added to and reconfigured to create the exact seating arrangement you are looking for. Alternatively, multi-functional furniture or accents serve more than one purpose. For example, an ottoman with an under-seat compartment can be used for storing objects, as an extra seat, or as a table when used with a tray. Items like extendable tables can be positioned in up to 3 different sizes making it a perfect item to accommodate all different sizes of groups. - D.O.T. Patio Experts

Let there be light

We recommend using the Arlo products which are wifi enabled, motion-sensing lights with cameras for added security. They also utilize LEDs so low power consumption and you can vary the color temperature of the lights depending on your mood. - Property Improvement Enterprises

Keep it functional

When prepping your patio for outdoor entertaining, divide your space into two different sections. One section should be a functional area for outdoor dining with a table and chairs, while the other should be a more comfortable lounge area. The relaxing lounge area can include a cushioned bench, an outdoor rug, a surplus of throw pillows, and solar lanterns. Setting up these two sections will result in the perfect summer of outdoor entertaining. - LTD Commodities

Upgrade your cover

If you don’t have a way to protect your guests from the blazing sun, your parties are going to fizzle. We suggest starting with a smart pergola—one with pivoting louvers that can be shifted to suit your needs at the touch of a button—then layering in comfortable furniture, an outdoor kitchen, a firepit, or whatever else your budget allows. A smart pergola lets you control the weather. Adjust the louvers for the perfect amount of shade, open them up to enjoy summer evening breezes, or close them fully when an unexpected rain cloud passes by. - Struxure

Try providing shelter from the elements with a metal or cedar gazebo; there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. Dress up your space with comfortable furniture, a stylish outdoor rug, and some flowers or greenery, and hang a chandelier from the ceiling to create an elegant ambiance in the evening. - The Better Backyard

A louvered roof is a must-have for the summer season. Having the control to direct sunlight and heat where you want it allows you to enjoy sun, shade, and shelter at your convenience. Whether it’s providing shade and ventilation on the hottest of days or protecting guests from a summer rainstorm, a louvered roof is the ultimate way to optimize your outdoor entertaining space. - Sundance Louvered Roofs

Focus on flow

An important part of prepping your home for summer entertainment is to design a deck or patio space that flows from the house to the back yard. If a deck is not attached to the house, including an interesting lit path or creative transition between the two areas is key to making the two fit and feel together. Add seating, a fire pit,  BBQ, and or a Hot tub or pool and your backyard deck will be fun for many years. - Bay Area Deck Builders

Incorporate a fire pit

Custom outdoor fire pit features have grown in popularity with COVID 19 restrictions and increased fire bands.  When planning an outdoor space, consider adding gas supply on the front end of the project.  Gas supply is more difficult and expensive to provide after a project is complete.  Lastly, ensure you're working with a reputable partner who can offer expertise associated with these types of projects. - Breck Iron Works

The best tip when planning for a fire pit table is to use masking tape and lay out the size of the fire pit table on the floor so you can see the size of the unit in your space. The next tip is to consider the main use of the table, if it is to lounge back with your feet up the lower the table the better around 17" tall is good. If you want to sit up and casually eat a table with more top overhang for foot room and 22"to 24" tall is better tapas and if you want to sit and formally dine a table 30" tall is best when used with standard dining chairs and 42" for bar stools. - Cooke Furniture

Create an outdoor kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard allows you to take al-fresco dining to the next level! Covered with a thatched gazebo or timber pergola, you’ll be able to not only prepare but also enjoy lazy lunches and divine dinners whilst enjoying the outdoor environment. With the warmer weather on our doorstep, now is the perfect time to customize your outdoor living space for the long hot days and sultry summer nights that are coming! - Cape Reed International

Photo courtesy of Cape Reed International
Photo courtesy of Cape Reed International

Give that old fence a makeover

One of the best ways to transform your backyard and get it ready for summer entertaining is fixing up an old fence. Replacing a fence can get expensive and sometimes the fence is shared between neighbors and can not simply be removed. One of our favorite ways of solving this issue is by adding faux boxwood panels that are UV protected and won't fade to cover up that old fence. This will completely change the entire setting of your yard. It is an easy project that is budget-friendly and can be completed in one day. - Designz of Every Square Foot

Less is more

Remove large pieces of furniture to create a clear pathway for easy access so your guests can move around your deck, patio, or porch. Please bring a variety of drinks for your guests, wine , beer, water, and soda for everyone to enjoy. I am Italian so you know We need food! - Decks & More


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